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50 years of DRAENERT

Design in Motion

How it all started

Technological sophistication moving millennial old, extremely heavy stone slabs with a simple hand movement. Large-scale glass panels becoming malleable. High-glossy stainless steel causing a sensation as a sofa and fascinating in museums. Much-cherished design classics and modern bestsellers in the furniture sector developed in collaboration with renowned designers, this is what makes the DRAENERT manufactory. For 50 years a core-player on the national and international furniture stages.

When Dr. Peter Draenert built his first table in 1968 by placing a million-year-old stone plate on two metal skids, he could hardly have dreamed that he and his wife Karin would found a furniture manufactory that has acquired global reputation and has become a top brand of the international furniture design. Today, the latest DRAENERT innovations and classics have become an integral part of the ambitious furniture trade and capture the hearts of design-oriented and quality-aware people in Germany and all over the world. The manufactory does not only put focus on design, but enhances it by function.

The results are coffee and dining tables made of stone, wood and glass with patented extension mechanisms as well as perfect chairs of different shapes and functions.  

Design furniture, nowadays as inspiring as 50 years ago:

When, for example, the dining table ADLER, designed in 1995, unfolds in a modern architectural house in Los Angeles to its imposing size, by turning an extension top,  if a sleepy teenager in Stockholm lolls on a NOBILE chair of 2009, covered with glove-soft leather, enjoying its flexible backrest,  or if in Beijing the DRANERT Dining table DINING DESK made of polished Statuary marble opens silently along its longitudinal axis, or if the in an apartment in Stuttgart  the evening sun  reflects in the glass top of  the ultimate coffee table classic KLASSIK designed by Peter Draenert in 1968.


Since the year 2000, Dr. Patric Draenert has been leading the company in the second generation with a great deal of innovative spirit, his claim to high quality and his keen instinct for art. 

And in the fabulous DRAENERT stone yard, a customer is selecting his preferred stone slab among 180 types of natural stones. Following he will be defining the according cutting, from which his unique DRAENERT piece of furniture will be manufactured.

For the future we have many interesting ideas and are looking forward to their realization.