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Fontana - a dining table gains


FONTANA - a dining table gains

Fontana is a modern extendable dining table made of natural stone with a spectacular, innovative and patented extension mechanism. Launched in 2015, it has "cleared" already 4 renowned design awards.

Three experts have reached a unique perfection with the dining table Fontana dining table. The company DRAENERT has developed together with the designers Georg Appeltshauser, master of art and Gino Carollo, an esthete of shape, a modern stone dining table with a patented extension mechanism par excellence. This new technology provides the playful easy synchronous extension of the integrated natural stone tops without changing the position.
At DRAENERT, as manufacturer of dining tables of natural stone, glass and solid wood, we are always focused, due to the high weights (up to 200 kg!) of the table top materials, to develop intelligent solutions, integrated in the table, for expanding the number of seats. In this context, the company has launched since many years, various solutions of extension options.
Customers are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. This does not only affect the quality and the selection of materials, their processing and the design, but especially the intuitive and easy operation of the tables with heavy table tops. A change of the position while opening and closing the table, as well as the manual pushing, turning, folding or sliding of the extension tops, should be avoided as far as possible. The solution for the table for the integrated extension tops must be visually appealing and delicate and must offer generous leg room.

Draenert responds with the introduction of the table model "Fontana" stone, which has a combined linear lifting-lowering rotary mechanism for position change free, synchronous extension and retraction.

In addition to the playful easy extension possibility, the company sets new standards in minimizing the installation space to achieve a maximum leg room. Draenert offers a huge selection of more than 180 available stone types from all over the world, as well as solid wood types, various table top shapes and two base types (four-legged or side walls). This completes the innovation and the customer finds a wide range of customization options for "his Fontana". The combination of form and functionality of this table represents the fascination of good design, constantly re-inspired and restaged.
Beside the internationally renowned awards, like the Interior Innovation Award Cologne, the German Design Award and the IF Design Award, Fontana could even gain at reddot the special award "Best of the Best".