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The close-up view of each stone type shows a relatively true image of the crystalline structure and the colouring. This is suitable for grained slabs to a limited extend only. In regard to the colour matching, please take an original sample of the stone from your furniture store as a basis.


Some lighter, clay-containing portions are imbedded in the dark brown basic mass of limestone. Not so rare are lighter, blurred contours of fossil animals. The brown colour is due to iron oxide (in most cases limonite). 


Generated by lime deposits on the sea bed. The different shades of colour indicate alternating depositing conditions.

Hardness Soft Stone
Structure Type Homogeneous Structure
Synonyms Goldano, Black and Gold
Group Sediment rock
Petrographic Assignment Limestone
Age -
Colouring Minerals Calcite, coloured grey by bitumen and brown by limonite
Average Hardness Approximately 3 (According to Mohs's hardness scale 1-10)
Deposit Pakistan