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Statuario Ponte Vecchio

The close-up view of each stone type shows a relatively true image of the crystalline structure and the colouring. This is suitable for grained slabs to a limited extend only. In regard to the colour matching, please take an original sample of the stone from your furniture store as a basis.


This has a snow white background of very fine crystalline calcite. The dark clouds were generated from carbon-rich layers folded during the folding up of a mountain range. There are also traces of pyrite.


Marble consists, also like limestone, almost exclusively of calcite. In contrast to this, marble is, however, crystalline. This is due to the high pressure and temperature that the original limestone was exposed to during the folding up of a mountain range. The crystallisation caused generally a lightening up to pure white and a certain translucency.

Colour white
Hardness Soft Stone
Structure Type Homogeneous Structure
Group Metamorphic Rock Type
Petrographic Assignment Marmor/Marble
Age 150-250 million years (Mesozoic)
Deposit Italien