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Plane trees are, depending on variety, deciduous to semi-evergreen trees, reaching stature heights of 25 to 50 m. The bark scrolls annually in thin plates and leaves the typical mosaic of white and greenish areas. Young leaves, the bark of the young twigs and the inflorescence are covered with wooly star hairs. During the growing season, inhaling of the sloping hair dust may cause an irritation of the bronchial tubes, the so-called plane-tree cough. The alternately arranged leaves are divided into petiole and leaf blade. The leaf blades are lobed hand-like. The leaf can be confused with such of certain maple varieties. The wood is medium brown and shows medullary rays, which become visible in the radial cut as distinctive shimmering mirror.

Botanical Name Platanus orientalis
Surface Variants clear lacquered
Related Kinds Kerrs plane tree-Laos, Vietnam; Mexican plane tree
Distribution Europe, Asia, North America, South America
Systematology deciduous tree, hardwood, large pored, heartwood tree
Types/Variants Veneered Wood