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Satin Walnuss

The North American sweetgum tree is, according to its name native to North America. It is rarely found in Europe and mostly as tree in a park. It grows mainly in meadows next to rivers and can reach growing heights up to 45 m with an enormous almost cylindrical top. It stands out due to its maple-like leaves and enchants, especially in the autumn, by its glowing colourful colouring. The medium hard wood is similar to the European walnut tree. The heart is medium brown, separated clearly from the sapwood, and gives a very impressive marble-like image as solid wood or veneer.

Botanical Name Liqidambar styraciflua
Surface Variants -
Related Kinds -
Distribution North America, Europe
Systematology Deciduous tree, hardwood, medium size pores, heartwood tree
Types/Variants Veneered Wood
Satin Walnuss