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Wenge achieves as medium sized tree, stature heights up to 20 m and a trunk of approx. 60 to 100 cm (but mostly less). The mostly crooked trunk is free of branches up to a height of 15 m. The bark is smooth and grey.

The wood has thin, grey-white sapwood, sharply separated from the light to dark brown heart, which darkens to a coffee-brown to black color. The color may fade again due to longer sun-exposure. This effect cannot be stopped completely even with an UV-filter in the varnish. Wenge is used for furniture manufacture and interior decoration for doors, stairs, and as parquet flooring, and furthermore for turning and carving as well as fingerboard e.g. for guitars. Also for marquetry, as one of the most prestigious woods in the world, Wenge is very demanded. The veneer has either a fine striation or an expressive quilting.

Botanical Name Millettia laurentii
Surface Variants clear lacquered
Related Kinds -
Distribution Cameroon, Congo, Guinea, Gabon
Systematology deciduous tree, hardwood, fine pored, sapwood tree
Types/Variants Veneered Wood