Care Set for stone, wood and leather furniture - Draenert
Draenert Pflegesets für Naturstein-, Holz- und Ledermöbel

Care Sets for Stone,
Wood and Leather FURNITURE

For all table surfaces and leather there are special care products, which you can order in the form below:

Draenert Steinpflege-Set

Stone Care Set (not suitable for oil slate)

Art.-No.: P-020
Price: € 29,00

For stone care set for polished, leathered and matt stone surfaces:
- 200 ml DRAENERT stone impregnation
- 2 cleaning sponges (applied like a rubber gum)
- 1 sponge
- 1 cloth

The DRAENERT stone care set includes a special cleaning sponge for general removal of light contaminations on polished and open-pored soft and hard stones. After the cleaning an effective impregnation is recommended. This reveals the stone structure and provides a constant impregnation, and avoids that dirt can penetrate less rapidly.


Draenert Holzpflege-Set

Wood care Set

Art.-No.: P-025
Price: € 29,00

For wood care set for waxed wooden surfaces:
- 100 ml DRAENERT wood cleaner
- 100 ml DRAENERT care lotion
- 2 cloths

The DRAENERT wood care set includes a cleaner for the general cleaning of wooden surfaces finished with wax and for removal of light contaminations. The care lotion protects the wooden surface against new soiling and refreshes the wood color.

Not suitable for oiled surfaces

For oiled surfaces please order the wood-oil HP2 per e-mail


Draenert Lederpflege-Set

Leather Care Set for leather i+ii

Art.-No.: P-030
Price: € 21,00

For leather care set for pigmented smooth leather:
- 50 ml DRAENERT soft cleaner
- 50 ml DRAENERT care lotion
- 1 sponge
- 1 cloth
- 1 instruction leaflet

The DRAENERT leather care set includes a soft cleaner sponge for general removal of light contaminations and a high quality care lotion. This protects the leather against soiling and refreshes the leather color.

Not suitable for leather III (Select)  and core leather.

Ölschiefer-Pflege für Ölschiefer-Oberflächen

Oil-slate care

Art.-No.: P-001
Price: € 29,00

For oil-slate surfaces:
- 250 ml of DRAENERT Oil Slate Care

DRAENERT oil slate care is a regular care for oil slate, which can dry out and become fade or grey.


Ölschiefer-Pflege für Ölschiefer-Oberflächen

GlasS-Clean-  ans Care Set 

Art.-No.: P-035
Price: € 29,00

For glass surfaces:
- 200 ml Cleaning polish
- 1 Glass cleaning sponge

The DRAENERT glass care set contains a cleaner for the general removal of light soiling, which is applied with a sponge (included in delivery).

Care Set Order


Price Stone Care Set:       € 29,00
Price Wood Care Set:      € 29,00
Price Leather Care Set:    € 21,00
Price Oil-Slate Care:         € 29,00
Price Glass Care Set:        € 29,00

Shipping within Germany: 
+ € 2,75 (Wood Care Set / Leather Care Set/Oil-Slate Care)
+ € 4,00 (Stone Care Set, Glass Care Set)

Shipping  within Europe: 
+ € 7,00 (Wood Care Set / Leather Care Set/Oil-Slate Care)
+ € 9,50 (Stone Care Set, Glass Care Set)

No shipping costs for orders € 40 or higher.

Payment within Europe: Invoice
Payment: net 10 days from invoice date.

The prices are including German VAT of 19%.