Wolfgang C. R. Mezger

Wolfgang C. R. Mezger, born in 1951, is a senior designer backed by more than 30 years of experience. His designs are always in touch with the latest trends – like no other, he succeeds in transforming seemingly formal contradictions into conclusive, creative solutions. For the skilled typographer, aesthetical excellence comes first. Wolfgang C.R. Mezger and his team work for the international premier design league in the USA, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. To date, his agency has been honored with many international design awards, among them Best Of NEOCON, Chicago; Red Dot, Essen; Dutch Furniture Prize, Amsterdam; Good Design Award, Chicago; Roscoe Design Award, New York; Best Of Show Award, Los Angeles; Design Center, Stuttgart; iF Design Award, Hannover; Iconic Award, Best Of Best, Frankfurt on the Main; etc. Museums: Museum Of Science And Industry, Chicago; Chicago ATHENAEUM Museum, Chicago.

Philosophy: “Our guiding principle is to search for the inspired idea, the route that we take is a synthesis of functionality and poetry.“