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Bent Glass

For tables of bent glass, cut glass panes will be reheated to 800°C (1472 F), until they will get bent over special negative moulds. Afterwards they have to cool down very slowly toachieve this special shape.
These glasses, which have been produced with great technical effort, have special features, which differ significantly from a regular float glass pane. Ripples, streaks, rainbow-coloured mirror reflexes, punctiform recesses, small bubbles or inclusions as well as fine scratches belong to the appearance of these glasses, especially in the bending areas. Also the edges may show slight irregularities. Caused by the bending process the dimensions accuracy of height and width as well as the angles of the sides are influenced.
These special featuresbelong to this production technology and must be understood and accepted. Also bent white glass panes can be lacquered in all colours.