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Marble Wing

design Hadi Teherani 2017

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of DRAENERT,we are now writing a new chapter of the Art Edition.The architect and designer Hadi Teherani has transferred the cultural history of marble into modern design and has created a limited edition of the MARBLE WING.“The fascinating aspect is to subdue a rock and transform it into a sculpture, tame it to a chaise longue and bring into focus the lightness in combination with the jagged rock”, says Hadi Teherani. In this way, the architect and designer became an artist who worked as a sculptor on his design and, in the tradition of the old master-builders, created the chaise longue in Carrara marble. A chaise longue, made of one natural stone block of Carrara marble, limited to 15 pieces, numbered and dated with certificate.