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It is not surprising that the Adler has been the best-seller among the DRAENERT dining tables for many years. This model offers an exceptional variety of dimensions, materials, shapes of the table tops, edges and pedestals and technical equipment – this is why it has become the favorite of architects and interior-designers.  The Adler mainly requires DRAENERT’S competency in stone processing, but can as well be manufactured in wood.
Especially for insurance companies and banks, it is important that the table “matches” the corporate design. With a wide range of over 180 types of stones and the know-how DRAENERT has gathered over 5 decades of stone working, this challenge was successfully met with the shown table on stone pedestals and an impressive length of 5.4 m.

Striatio Elegante – limestone from China, surface leathered

Adler Conference

Adler Conference