Prof. Trix und Prof. Robert Haussmann - Designers & Architects - Draenert

Prof. Trix und Prof. Robert Haussmann

Born 1933 resp. 1931, Trix Haussmann studied at the ETH in Zurich.
Robert Haussmann studied in Zurich and Amsterdam. After several years in the construction industry he founded his architectural office, the “Allgemeinen Entwurfsanstalt Zürich“ in 1956. Since 1967 Trix and Robert Haussmann have been working together in their architectural office.
Their ouevre has many facettes: furniture – and product design, architecture, interior design, color design and urban construction.

"It is our main focus, to cooperate "cross-border" or "discipline-committed" on a large field of different subjects."

Various teaching assignments

Robert Haussmann teached at the arts college in Zurich and the ETH Zurich.
Moreover he was Professor of architecture at the University of Stuttgart.
Trix Haussmann was a tutor at the ETH in Zurich as well.

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