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Capture Nr. 4801

Capture is a lightly felted and multi-coloured wool fabric in a casual yet sophisticated tweed look. It fuses light and dark colours to a refined mélange pattern creating a lively and beautifully rugged surface that never ceases to change under your gaze. That collection offers an abundance of hues to match any design, material and interior. Due to its high resistance, the wool fabric is ideally suited for dining room chairs, but also for furnishing lounges, bars, restaurants, and the contract sector.CAPTURE consists of 85% pure new wool from New Zealand, where sheep farmers have refined their methods over generations. Today New Zealand wool is considered the best in the world. The result is hard-wearing, clean and white wool of outstanding quality. The ecological and ethnic standards also meet the highest requirements. New Zealand's farmers produce their wool with respect for nature and animal welfare as their top priority.

Fabric type Capture
Colour rosé