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Azul Mary

The close-up view of each stone type shows a relatively true image of the crystalline structure and the colouring. This is suitable for grained slabs to a limited extend only. In regard to the colour matching, please take an original sample of the stone from your furniture store as a basis.


This is a dense discharged rock low on quartz. Also under a microscope can the individual material components not be identified because of the small dimensions, making it unsafe determining it in this way. Solutions transported the brown, limonite iron ore through fine clefts into the rock already solidified, leading to impregnation of different concentration. 


Vulcanite is formed, when magma gets to the surface from the depth through clefts in the earth’s crust, cools down within a short time and solidifies. There is no time for forming larger crystals. Therefore, the structure remains micro crystalline to glassy.

Hardness Hard Stone
Structure Type Slab with Irregular Pattern
Group Vulcanite
Petrographic Assignment Trachyte
Age Presumptive Tertiary
Colouring Minerals Feldspar (grey), Limonite (brown iron hydroxide)
Average Hardness Feldspar: 6 (According to Mohs’s hardness scale 1-10)
Deposit Brazil