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Oak vintage (silver-grey)

The term oak Vintage refers to old oak beams and timbers with original surface. They are a  wonderful, historic material. The beams and timbers mostly come from countries in Southeastern  Europe where oak wood was traditionally used for construction – particularly for outer paneling of old farms and barns. Decades of wind, rain and sunshine gave them their special look. Traces of processing and use as well as atmospheric conditions.gave result to those singular surfaces and color changes. DRAENERT reinterprets that topic by combining the unique features and the particular surface of the old oak beams with a special embossing process for natural wood. The oak wood is processed such that the natural grain as well as knotholes are accentuated and color changes become visible. On purpose, the surface shows cracks, grooves and knotholes to preserve the rustic and genuine character of the oak. Those cracks are filled with black artificial resin. There is no sorting out. The shades silver-gray and copper brown correspond to the natural color changes of oak wood after decades of weathering. Significant color differences are possible, from light gray to dark grayish-black, from light brown to black-brown as well as punctiform color differences

Botanical Name Quercus-Lepidobalanus
Surface Variants waxed
Related Kinds Sessile oak, English oak, Northern red oak, Holly oak
Distribution Europe, Asia, North Africa, North-, Middle-, South America
Systematology Deciduous tree, hardwood, large pores, heartwood tree
Types/Variants Natural Wood
Oak vintage (silver-grey)