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Up to 16 persons can dine at this representative table and enjoy the view of Manhattan. The custom-made Tabula, unique so far, is composed of 2 tops with mirrored veining. In spite of its length of  4.26 m and its considerable weight, no center leg was necessary because of the one-piece steel-frame construction based on the 4 outer legs. Hence, the unsupported table top combines generous legroom with visual charm.
The chrome elements are set into the stone by means of an elaborate, marquetry-like procedure. For this process, a special water-jet technique is applied. The customer himself selected the stone slab with its particular veining on the basis of photos. Tabula, as a specially manufactured single piece in accordance with the customer’s requirements, is the result of absolute precision and high-class craftsmanship.

MATERIAL: Statuary Extra - Italian marble with distinctive veining, polished
Legs and tabletop with chrome elements
DIMENSIONS: 1.8 cm x 4.26m

Tabula Edition