DRAENERT - Manufactur | Dining Tables, Coffee Tables, Chairs

How does natrual stone
become a unique table?

Each stone slab is a picture
drawn by Nature

By the choice of the cut,
it turns into a work of art

Exclusive Design Furniture  by DRAENERT MANUFACTory

For 50 years DRAENERT has been a top-brand of the international furniture design.

In the tradition of a modern manufactory, we design and produce high-quality and sophisticated furniture in our own workshops.

The main emphasis of the collection is on dining tables, coffee tables and side tables as well as chairs matching in form and style, which also have innovative mechanisms. We are market leader for dining tables, especially for stone dining tables. About 200 types of natural stones from all over the world in a company-owned stone park invite to a visit and are fascinating new customers every day.

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