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Model No.: 1550
Products / Materials

Stein Black Marinace, Unterbau
Quarzit silver, Stühle Dan

Products / Materials

Mod. 1550 Kent, Design Wolfgang C. R. Mezger 2023

KENT is an exciting new way to experience a table. The partly asymmetrical tabletops createnew seating arrangements and thus open up new perspectives for the guests sitting at thetable. The fascinating thing about the KENT idea is that it first creates e xciting asymmetricalshapes and then to find a harmonious balance through carefully considered arrangements.The stone finishes almost appear more elegant due to the asymmetry of the tabletops andconvey an impressive aesthetic experience thanks to their v eining and color. The tableconcept opens, beyond from the banal routine of symmetry, towards new inspiring andcommunicative situations.In combination with the baseconsisting of two half shells made of cast aluminum eachshape of the tabletop has an overall sculptural appearance that makes the KENT look verylight and delicate.FURTHER INFORMATION: e.g. dimensions and material variants see “data sheet“

Available in the following material variants:

  • Stone
Products / Materials

Stone orobico Black, Pedestal Dark bronce,
Chairs DAN


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