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Model No.: 1410
Products / Materials
Products / Materials

Stone Palisandro 

design Gino Carollo 2023

Our new dining table truly has an impressive appearance! Because Paramount immediately attracts attention, its appearance is so powerful and striking. And it is both: strikingly simple in its structure – and complex in its subtle details. Even as a solitary table, the table develops its sculptural qualities: through the harmonious design language of its tabletop and the monolithic base. Only through the pure presence of the natural material stone. But especially when you add two or more Paramount tables to a long piece of furniture, the organically shaped table tops complement each other to form a coherent entity. And depending on which type of stone you choose, your decision has a strong influence on the overall effect of Paramount: individual inclusions, color gradients and grains make Paramount unique and continue from the horizontal top to the vertical substructure. This creates a credible, all-encompassing design object that will be aesthetically convincing and impressive even for decades to come.

Available in the following material variants:

  • Stone
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Stone Rosso Levanto

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Stone Avocatus


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