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Black Marinace

The close-up view of each stone type shows a relatively true image of the crystalline structure and the colouring. This is suitable for grained slabs to a limited extend only. In regard to the colour matching, please take an original sample of the stone from your furniture store as a basis.


The attractive, dark grey natural stone consists largely of rounded off scree of various rocks, like white-grey marble, diverse grey mottled vulcanite, light grey quartzite and quartz pebbles. These “pebbles” are imbedded in a fine crystalline mixture of black biotite and quartz. 


The round components were generated in primeval times by weathering and washing away of diverse rocks. The dissolved, initially still squared rock fragments were rounded off in river beds or at the shores of an old continent. A conglomerate was generated after having been covered with mighty layers and strong compacting. This was subject to a metamorphosis in greater depth and under increased pressure and higher temperature, whereby a fine crystalline, very dense structure was formed.

Colour black
Hardness Hard Stone
Structure Type Homogeneous Structure
Group Metamorphic Rock Type
Petrographic Assignment Konglomerat/Conglomerate
Age Pre-Cambrian (Over 570 million years)
Deposit Brasilien