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Oak Vintage Black

For our solid wood tables Mod. 1470 VICTOR and 1480 SOHO we also offer Oak Vintage black. We use solid oak wood in a rustic sorting, i.e. with knotholes, wild grain and some cracks. For surface treatment, we have adopted a tried and tested technique from our stonemasons. The wood surface is flamed, similar to what we used to do with our rough stone surfaces. This strengthens the structure of the wood and it takes on a black colour. The white glaze that is then applied brings the gray tone into the grain. Finally, the entire surface is waxed colorless. The hard wax seal we use ensures a very hard-wearing surface.

Botanical Name Quercus-Lepidobalanus
Surface Variants gewachst
Related Kinds Traubeneiche, Stieleiche, nordamerik. Roteiche, Steineiche
Distribution Europa, Asien, Nordafrika, Nord-, Mittel-, Südamerika
Systematology Laubbaum, Hartholz, grobporig, Kernholzbaum
Types/Variants Natural Wood
Oak Vintage Black