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Stone Azul Mary, Glas Grey

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Model No.: 1070

design stephan veit 2020

Do you know the famous "Nebra Sky Disc"? The bronze plate, discovered in 1999, is considered to be the oldest depiction of the firmament. Without any doubt, it is one of the most beautiful manmade objects ever. Formally, it plays with round shapes - just like the NEBRA coffee table which the Stuttgart designer Stephan Veit has designed for us. It is available as a circular, minimalist sculpture, but as well with a perfectly round additional swivel plate. In a sense, this is predetermined framework set by Veit.  And now it's your turn!  You can make the NEBRA your very own design with colored metals, woods and natural stone tops. Thus, the NEBRA becomes an eye-catcher with plenty of presentation space for books, magazines, vases and everything you love and want to have ready at hand. Sounds like heaven, right?


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